when the borders girls come together...

The Haining, situated in Selkirk is a stunning old building sat on a beautiful estate with photo opportunities galore. I was too excited to be asked, along with Something Borrowed Events, to dress the building and marquee for some photos which they would use for promotional purposes.

Bringing in more weddings & events will create more revenue to help restore some of the rooms within the building which are currently not in use. 

I asked my go-to photographer Becky from EnaMay Photography if she would be keen to shoot and thankfully she was free. The idea then came to us to do a full on styled shoot, so we found a 'couple', got them suited and booted and got some action shots. 

There are so many wonderful images from the day but here are a few of my personal favourites.

Click the here to see more images as featured in Tie The Knot Scotland.

Massive shout out to everyone involved...

Photography - EnaMay Photography  
Bridal-ware - Whimsical Bride  
Venue - The Haining, Selkirk  
Hair - Signature Hair by Kirstie 
Makeup - Danni Burnside MUA
Mensware - Scotch Tweed
Event decor - Something Borrowed Events
Cake - Ruby & Pearl Cake Art
Models - Heather Hall & William Brown

Haining Shoot_105_FACEBOOK.jpg
Haining Shoot_145_FACEBOOK.jpg
Haining Shoot_176_FACEBOOK.jpg
Haining Shoot_213_FACEBOOK.jpg
Haining Shoot_168_FACEBOOK.jpg
Haining Shoot_077_FACEBOOK.jpg

a horse with a floral mane? why not.

Sometimes I have random ideas pop into my head. I dont always find the time to bring them to life but this time (with the help of Ena May Photography, Mac the horse and his proud owner Elisa) I did bring this vision to life. 

It would be a fairly easy process I figured, make a floral garland and secure it to the horses mane, simples. 

Except I forgot a horse is a living animal and they can be quite stubborn. They also dont seem to appreciate flowers hanging off their mane... queue much head shaking and hoof stomping from Mr Mac followed by an almighty sprint through the field. 

Luckily we had owner Elisa on hand who chased him around and got him into a more tolerable mood and Becky managed to capture some shots of him in his flowery glory. 

Here are the results!