making time to pause and just be

Keep close to Nature’s heart & break clear away once in a while. Climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.
— John Muir

I’m often told by people around me to slow down. The thing is I don’t want to. I genuinely love what I do & when Im not working with flowers Im thinking of 100 other things I could be doing.

The one ‘downside’ to the way my mind works is I never stop and just be. I can’t sit and watch TV on an evening. I’d rather Google a language to learn or think of an instrument I could find lessons on (I’d love to learn to play the piano). I want to get every vehicle licence possible. I want to get a skydive license. Id love to BASE jump. I want to become better at snowboarding. I want to see the world. I want to sit in cafes and watch people of all cultures wander on by. I want to absorb everything possible while maintaining a stable income and family life. It can be massively overwhelming at times.

I find I’m able to switch off when skydiving (you try thinking of business plans while free falling at 130mph) or when flying down trails on my mountain bike. When work life isn’t too manic you will find me creeping round the trails of Innerleithen or Glentress quite happy in my own wee bubble. I hate the cycle or push up to the top but the views at the top followed by the adrenaline rush coming back down make it all worth while.

A couple weekends ago I went on a spontaneous trip with Becky from EnaMay Photography to climb my first Munro. I’m not really a walker, give me wheels any day of the week but I’ll try anything once. So off up my first mountain I went. We chose to climb Ben Lomond which over looks Loch Lomond and I won’t lie, the first part of the climb had me questioning what the hell I’d agreed to. However, the higher we climbed the more amazing the views became and the more alive I felt. That kind of feeling I usually get when flying down the trails on my bike. I live for this feeling. Just absorbing the world around you and how awesome it is. There was a moment as we almost reached the summit where I paused and turned to the edge of the mountain and just stood with the clouds coming towards me. I could have stood there for hours. The rugged landscape was spectacular. I was actually on top of a mountain. Excuse my language but it was cool as fuck.

We climbed 3,196 ft and I came away feeling like I could achieve anything.

We camped that evening, child and husband free. We drank wine and ate chilli I had cooked for us the night before and we enjoyed the calm. It was only one night but it completely re-charged us. Watching Becky sniffing the wood for the fire enjoying the simple things while making crude jokes was everything my soul needed and more.

Life can be busy, overwhelming and exhausting at times, for everyone, for many different reasons. Take that time to reconnect with yourself, away from distractions & remind yourself of how lucky we are to be alive.

Here are some snaps from our walk. Make up free, wifi free & bloody happy.