I survived the month of may

I won’t lie, a few weeks ago I was pretty apprehensive about heading into the busiest wedding ‘season’ (read; spring, summer & autumn) to date. 

I’ve become the list operator. Lists of stem counts needed for each and every wedding. Lists reminding me when to order the flowers for each wedding so I can ensure I’m getting the pick of the bunch followed by notes reminding me what days the flowers will arrive direct from Holland. Lists of emails needing replied to in-between sorting said flower deliveries. Lists of vases and containers to look out for each wedding. Lists to itemise which arrangements should be designed on what day. Underlined notes in my diary reminding me about the kids school trips, horse riding lessons, swimming lessons. Wedding delivery schedules & so on…

Now that all of May’s weddings, photoshoots & events are complete I have no idea why I had the fear *touch wood*

I think I had forgot how much I’m actually capable of doing. I had Cody, opened the shop, brought Rachel on board and the last few years have whizzed by in a blur. 

Now that the boy child is at nursery/with his lovely childminder I have time to myself to crack on and I am bloody loving life. Who knew just how much one florist can do when she’s child free and the music is blaring?! 

Of course, they will probably throw a curve ball (sick day) at me soon, but for now, I’m absolutely loving the madness that is working in the wedding industry.

Here are just a few photos taken over the last three weeks.

Em x