Florist Life

I survived the month of may

I won’t lie, a few weeks ago I was pretty apprehensive about heading into the busiest wedding ‘season’ (read; spring, summer & autumn) to date. 

I’ve become the list operator. Lists of stem counts needed for each and every wedding. Lists reminding me when to order the flowers for each wedding so I can ensure I’m getting the pick of the bunch followed by notes reminding me what days the flowers will arrive direct from Holland. Lists of emails needing replied to in-between sorting said flower deliveries. Lists of vases and containers to look out for each wedding. Lists to itemise which arrangements should be designed on what day. Underlined notes in my diary reminding me about the kids school trips, horse riding lessons, swimming lessons. Wedding delivery schedules & so on…

Now that all of May’s weddings, photoshoots & events are complete I have no idea why I had the fear *touch wood*

I think I had forgot how much I’m actually capable of doing. I had Cody, opened the shop, brought Rachel on board and the last few years have whizzed by in a blur. 

Now that the boy child is at nursery/with his lovely childminder I have time to myself to crack on and I am bloody loving life. Who knew just how much one florist can do when she’s child free and the music is blaring?! 

Of course, they will probably throw a curve ball (sick day) at me soon, but for now, I’m absolutely loving the madness that is working in the wedding industry.

Here are just a few photos taken over the last three weeks.

Em x

and into the madness I go!

So I feel I should probably start by apologising for the radio silence.

I’ve been gearing up for what is to be one of the busiest wedding seasons to date with no break until November… ouch.

I am so excited to be dressing some of my favourite venues this summer/autumn alongside some exciting new venues and private functions.

I’ve been up and down the country sourcing some pretty cool props and items to help bring my couples visions to life and I will share some images with you all in due course.

This week I am taking part in a woodland themed styled shoot with my long suffering camera wizard EnaMay Photography, the crazy talented cake ninja Ruby & Pearl Cake Art and the perfectly natural Hopler Wood Company. I’ll keep the location quiet for just now but I’ll share some images afterwards.

The lovely Isabella joined the team yesterday. Im so excited to have such a happy and energetic wee soul helping me out with keeping the place in order and all stock in check while I am back to back with weddings and events. Rach will also be back to freelance on some of my busier weekends too - roll on the hilarity!

Because of the workload mixed in with making sure the kids are kept watered, fed and clean I may be a little quieter on here over the next few months. Should you wish to discuss your wedding flowers with me please get in touch via the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I can. May, June & July are back to back so please bare with me during these months.

To keep up to date with the daily goings on and for some sneak peeks you can follow my stories on Instagram or posts on Facebook.

Here are some snaps of some gorgeous flowers I’ve had in recently and some designs I’ve made.

Over & out.

Em x

P.s - If you’re passing the shop (especially on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays) coffee & cake care packages are always welcome…

why this thank you card meant the most

So I don’t normally do weddings between Christmas and New Year because the auction dates can be tricky meaning you’re left with no room for error. If flowers are missing or arrive in poor condition (it does happen - the joys of working with Mother Nature!) you have no back up plan. 
This wedding was one I would usually politely turn down because the anxiety of the above mentioned issues over Christmas is something Id prefer to avoid however when Siobhan contacted me I just couldn’t say no.
Her wedding date fell on the 29th of December. The first date for delivery after Christmas was the 28th, if there were any problems with quality or delivery then I was goosed. I pre-ordered what I could and cherry picked the rest of the flowers from the live auction on my birthday (the 27th). 
They arrived straight from Florismart in Holland via Cavalry Transport Ltd first thing on the 28th and every stem was perfect. There was a massive sigh of relief and even more so when I handed Siobhan’s bouquet over to her the following day.
After a really rubbish week with two poorly kids and one trip to A&E, receiving the following card from Siobhan on Friday meant the world... 🥰
‘Dear Emma, 
I would just like to thank you for our absolutely stunning wedding flowers that you so beautifully created. My bouquet was exactly what I had envisioned and it looks just as spectacular in the photographs. You come across as extremely hard working, professional and a generally lovely person and we are delighted that we chose Stems to be our florist on our special day.
Love Siobhan & Fabiano x’

Siobhans bouquet