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Sorry to mention the C word but...

It's coming! Whether we like it or not so today I began designing and shooting our Christmas 2017 range. Do you like what you see? 


A horse with a floral mane? Why not.

Sometimes I have random ideas pop into my head. I dont always find the time to bring them to life but this time (with the help of Ena May Photography, Mac the horse and his proud owner Elisa) I did bring this vision to life. 

It would be a fairly easy process I figured, make a floral garland and secure it to the horses mane, simples. 

Except I forgot a horse is a living animal and they can be quite stubborn. They also dont seem to appreciate flowers hanging off their mane... queue much head shaking and hoof stomping from Mr Mac followed by an almighty sprint through the field. 

Luckily we had owner Elisa on hand who chased him around and got him into a more tolerable mood and Becky managed to capture some shots of him in his flowery glory. 

Here are the results! 


Sorry for the silence but... it's peony season!

I just thought I'd post about my excitement of having the first peonies in the shop this year *see image below* how gorgeous are they?! Come at me with your peony orders! 


To the tune of Adele, if you will.

Hello, it's me (em)
I am writing this from the shop while the baby's sleeping
He's on my shoulder, he's dribbling 
They say boys are into everything
Climbing, trashing, weeping 

Hello, can you read me?
Im in my shop dreaming about how easy this could be
To work childless and free
I've forgotten how fast I could work before Cody joined the team
There's a daily battle between us
Tantrums, tears and smiles

Hello can you hold the line?
I must have tried a thousand times,

To make your arrangement
With everything that you need
But when I try he never
Seems to agree...

To be continued. 


wedding showcase & open day!

Happy new year! I hope you all had a lovely time over the festive period with friends and family. 

There have been a lot of enquiries and engagements over the past few weeks so myself and the girls at Something Borrowed Events have arranged another wedding showcase & open day on Saturday 14th January 2017 from 10am-3pm. 
All the details are on the image below. You're all welcome to come along, I have some gorgeous new stock in the shop so why not pop along and treat yourself while there's 10% off? Shopping will definitely banish the January blues! ;-) 

Em x

Behind the scenes: delivery day! ft. Shop Baby

I try to post images daily on our Facebook page of pretty floral arrangements designed in the shop so I thought it would be nice for you all to see how they are delivered to us straight from our supplier in Holland. Cue a visit from Becky at Ena May Photography (www.enamayphotography.co.uk). 

I order direct from the growers on an auction site and they are then brought to us the following day via specialist couriers. When the flowers arrive we usually have the flower stand vases cleaned and refilled ready for the fresh flowers to go into. We condition each and every single stem and voila! we have a full stand once again ready to fulfill your orders. 

You will notice shop baby (Cody) throughout the images. He is in the shop with me most days and as you can see, he does get fed up sometimes! As a working mum I still haven't found the perfect work/life/being mum balance. It is by no means easy having him in the shop however we do our best and appreciate our customers who help entertain him while I make up their bouquets. I hope bringing the kids to work will maybe instill good work ethic in them and they dont grow to resent it. 

I've really enjoyed seeing the shop through Becky's eyes & I'd say she caught a pretty typical afternoon. I'm very lucky to have Rachel who not only helps in the shop but helps with Cody & Shyla too. I couldn't manage without her.

I hope you enjoy the photos and seeing us at work. Big thanks to Becky for popping by. Em x


New shop & new website!


If you're reading this the website has gone live! Three cheers to that, it's only taken me 2 months to get this done! Have a look around and let me know what you think. I'll add more content to it as I go but for now I'm happy with it and excited to have joined the world of e-commerce! 

As some of you will know I opened the new shop at the start of May, you can find us at 28 Chapel Street, Innerleithen, EH44 6HN. I say 'us' because along with the new shop & website I now have a little flowery team to help me keep things running smoothley as the business becomes busier and busier. Rachel is joining me part time and will be assisting with the day to day running of the shop & also weddings. Corrine works on Saturday's to cover the shop while I'm out delivering and setting up weddings. Im happy to have the girls onboard and hope that having them will lift some of the work from my shoulders enabling me to get creative, conjour up new business ideas and most importantly, spend some time with my kids. 

I'm excited for Stems' future in my new shop. I hope to build it up over time so that there is a gift for everyone in amongst the flowers and it becomes a place people want to visit. 

Best wishes,
Em x

Rustic barn wedding

When Scotland & Greece come together.

The setting for this beautiful wedding was one of my favourites, Wedderburn Barns in Duns.

The brief was nothing too structured, olive branches to be included to give a nod to the grooms nationality & to be in keeping with the barn surroundings.

The bridesmaids were wearing navy gowns which meant I could choose from a variety of colours for the bouquets. I chose shades of blues, reds, purples, and whites mixed in with textures from foliage such as eucalyptus, ferns, olive, pitto & more.

For the tables they wanted to keep it simple, foliage placed along the lengths of the tables entwined round the candles they had brought along themselves. For this I used olive, soft ruscus and ivy.

I loved how it all came together.

Hello autumnal wedding!

As the leaves started to change into their gorgeous shades of reds, yellows and oranges along came the wedding of David & Yvonne at the Cringlettie Hotel and it went so perfectly with the natural surroundings!

Right from the get go we had a colour scheme of rich reds, oranges and a touch of yellow. I knew I would love doing this one as the summer time is predominantly filled with shades of pinks and purples so this would be a welcome change as we headed into Autumn.

They wanted florals featured throughout. From bouquets for the bridal party to roses and petals lining the aisle to a 10 foot arch way at the entrance of the hotel. Im not going to lie, the arch way gave me a sleepless night! Due to the size of it and because there were no hooks or ways to attach anything to the actual arch I decided to build my own. Transporting this huge frame however was not so easy and when we arrived at the hotel at 8am on the morning of the wedding in the pouring rain we discovered it had broke on route! Thankfully I had brought along my toolbox and a pack of nails just in case and we managed to save the arch frame on site. Although I had given the frame ‘feet’ for support the weather was pretty wild so for added peace of mind I lassoed some twine from the top corners of the frame around the peaks coming from the bottom of the roof apex and the cable tied the sides to hanging basket frames already attached to the building.

I then added a huge variety of foliage including soft ruscus, pitto, mixed ferns, pistacia, eucalyptus and more. I then added large blooms, roses, carnations and trailing flowers in colours matching those used in the bridal & bridesmaids bouquets.

Elsewhere we had 5 arm candelabra with autumnal flowers arranged on to the centre of them for the table centres and I added tartan bows to the bases to match the tartan worn by the groomsmen.

I really loved watching everything come together and bringing consistency throughout the hotel.

Rich reds & texture for this beautiful bride!

I met bride Kirsteen when I attended the Celebrate Success Awards and won the Princes Trust Enterprise Award back in November 2014. I have to be honest, after the madness of hearing my name be called and standing on stage in front of a huge crowd I don’t remember meeting Kristen backstage – I think I was a bit stunned!

She contacted me a few weeks later as it turned out that although based in Glasgow she had chosen to get married at Cornhill House Hotel near to Biggar which is an area I cover. We arranged to meet up and discuss ideas over coffee and I knew almost straight away I would love designing her flowers.

The requirements were rich reds, natural looking with texture. I went for the gorgeous Naomi red roses, deep red astilbe, white and purple antirrhinum, red bouvardia, white and brown eustoma (first time I had came across the brown eustoma – loved it!), astrantia roma, anemones, olive, soft ferns and eucalyptus for the bridal & bridesmaids bouquets.

The table centres were a mixture of bird cages with floral wreath bases using flowers consistent with the bridal bouquet and once on site at the venue I attached trailing foliage to the hotels own candelabra for the remaining tables.

I adore Kirsteen’s bouquet, it’s definitely one of my favourites from 2015! 

Pretty pink & rustic themed wedding

When florals feature throughout a wedding they bring it all together…

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